Weight Loss: Exercise Bike Programs

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What do you do when you the junk food is calling? Your clothes are getting tighter, you’re getting tired more often. It’s time to make a change, to start a healthy routine and lose some of that dreaded weight. An exercise bike combined with a balanced diet can help you achieve these results you want.

Forget fad diets.

This is where a lot of people go wrong. You see an ad or read an article about this diet that promises you will lose all your weight by doing nothing other than eating certain foods etc. These diets are hard to stick to and more often than not the weight returns as soon as you stop. It’s time to stop the starvation, to say no to the fad diets. The best way to lose weight is to do it in achievable steps. Change your current eating plan one thing at a time. Reduce the amount of takeaway you eat in a week, use a small plate for your dinner rather than a big one. Changing your diet completely all at the same time is hard and usually won’t stick so by changing small parts at a time you are more likely to make a lifestyle change.

Choosing the right bike to improve you chances of success

Choosing the right bike is vitally important. There is a huge variety of exercise bikes to choose from. When choosing a bike you need to be honest about what sort of bike will work the best for your desired outcomes. If you talk yourself in to buying the latest fancy bike, but it doesn’t suit your goals or the exercise plan you are aiming to use it for you will be disappointed and set yourself up for failure. By anticipating your goals and the bikes purpose you can purchase a bike that is right for your needs and increase your chances of success.

Have a look back at the last time you tried an exercise routine. Was it successful? If not, why? Why did you stop exercising? Was it entertaining enough to keep you motivated? Was it difficult to fit it in to your schedule? By being honest about the answers to these questions you can figure out why you didn’t succeed and come up with a solution to increase your chances of success this time.


Has an injury stopped you from working out? How did you get the injury? It is assumed that by working out and being fit you can reduce injuries, not cause them. A recumbent exercise is a bike that can be used by someone that is already injured. It is a bike with larger seats and where you pedal to the front rather than down from your seat. They are found in a lot of gyms. This type of bike is a good alternative for if you are just beginning a new routine or if you have injuries. The bike improves posture and relieves pressure on your joints. It ensures you can continue to work out through injuries.

Defeating Boredom

Boredom. One of the biggest reasons people do not stick to their exercise programs. Have you been bored when you workout regularly. Will you get bored again. A great way to defeat boredom when it comes to exercise bikes is to choose one that has different difficulty levels and programs. This way as your fitness increases and you can pedal easily you have the option to move up a level rather than having to ride longer. Programs mean you have a variety of options to reach your goals such as sprinting bursts, pedalling harder, or hill simulations.

If riding programs are not enough variety for you there are bikes on the market that you can plug in to your television. These bikes can simulate different riding courses such as a hill climb, riding through a park or you can challenge others to compete in obstacle courses. Although these bikes can often cost more initially they could work out better in the long run if they are what keeps you stimulated enough to continue your workouts for the long term. Purchasing a cheaper bike that you grow bored off will just be wasted money.

The coolest thing for game addicts who get bored is an interactive bike that plugs into a Sony Playstation or Playstation 2. It makes over 50 games interactive. Whatever is happening on your bike happens on the screen in bike, car, and similar games. There are all types of similar bikes available.

When purchasing a bike you need to have some thought to what you will be doing while you are on it. If you are someone that likes to watch tv or listen to music while you workout or who lives with other people, you will ideally be looking for a bike that is quieter. That way you can still hear the tv or your favourite music and you dont have to worry about waking any other house members up if you workout in quieter times.

Start Slowly…

People beginning exercise programs are sometimes too ambitious. It’s good to be excited, but you have to remain realistic. If your last exercise program failed because it was just too much work, don’t make the same mistake again. Fight the urge to overdo your first workouts. It is critical to your long-term success that you start out slow. If you go from no exercise at all to 5 to 10 minute exercise bike workouts with little resistance, you are much more likely to avoid injury, soreness, and most of all, early feelings of defeat. If you aim too high – expecting to go from a sedentary lifestyle to 45 minute workouts immediately, for example – you are setting yourself up for failure. When you don’t reach your unattainable goal, it is more likely you’ll quit altogether to alleviate the feeling of failure that much sooner.

The perfect bikes for people who get a bit over-excited are exercise bikes with built in riding programs. You simply start out at the lowest level, and the bike determines your workout. You program in a small goal (10 minutes, 50 calories, or .25 mile) and when you reach that goal, your workout is over.

Finding the Time

You do have time to burn fat and calories on an exercise bike. No matter how intense your schedule is, there are people busier than you who find time to make an exercise routine work. They are not better than you. They don’t have more than 24 hours in a day. They simply figured out how to make it work. You can, too.

It can be as simple as the time of day you chose to workout in the past. There is scientific evidence that people who are “morning people” or “night owls” are physically different. Different people have energy at different times. Think about when you work best. If you wake up without an alarm clock ready to go, you should exercise first thing in the morning. If you are a night owl, you should consider working out at night. You might find that you are one of the people who tire yourself out enough with a night workout to sleep like a baby.

You Can Do This!

Losing weight is not a punishment. You are smart enough to know how to eat a little better and become more active. If you are honest with yourself, you will choose the proper bike. You want to look forward to the workout itself. Don’t get caught up in which bike burns more calories. Find an exercise bike you will enjoy riding. Figure out the time of day that’s best for you to exercise. Make it like getting dressed or bathing – it’s just something you do every day. You don’t have to train for the Tour de France. You just have to get on and do something every day. Ten minutes a day will yield results. Bookmark this article for future motivation, find your exercise bike, and get busy!

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