Weight Loss: Cycling Down Memory Lane

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As an adult, how many times do you remember riding your bike as a child? The days when we used to ride everywhere. Now that we are adults we find that we don’t ride anywhere anymore. What if you could go back to those days and take up bike riding again as a way to get some exercise. If you are worried about riding a bike again for balance reasons why not try a tricycle.

My first bike was a pink one with white streamers out the handlebars. Do you remember your first bike. Was it pink, red, black, blue? Did it have a little bell on the handlebar that you could ring with a flick of your thumb, did you have decorations on your spokes or a basket on the front? Was it a bmx bike or a mountain bike with gears? The variety of bikes you had back then is so small compared to the different bikes that are available these days.

I don’t recall any of the neighbourhood kids being overweight in those days. You would always find us outside riding our bikes rather than watching TV. You only had a computer if you were rich, Gameboys were quite new and usually restricted to use when you were in the car, McDonald’s was only a treat if you were lucky.

When I was growing up we didn’t play any sedentary games when we had daylight. We used our imaginations and created games in our backyard or the local park. More often than not we remember these days as fun. Night time was family time. Sitting around the table eating our meat and three vegetables meal. Dessert was a treat and not a nightly ritual. Takeaway night was a treat not a daily ritual.

What if we turned back to these days and lived like we did when we were young. Perhaps the obesity rate would slow, we would be more active and less overweight.

Maybe it’s time to look at a new bike. What colour would it be? Would it have a basket? Would it have gears? Don’t want to buy one, why not hire one, most waterfront areas have bikes for hire. It’s time to start imagining again. You could organise your friends or a group of kids to go for a weekly bike ride. You could ride to the local shops or along the water rather than watching television during the daylight hours.

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